July 1, 2017

What is "sin"?

For all the natural born jews, and also the "Born Again" of The Holy, Set Apart, SPIRIT Jews (Peter, Paul, John,.etc.) prior to the destruction of the earthly, natural temporal temple realm centered in old jerusalem; "sin was a transgression of the law"....... (John 3:3,7, I Peter 1:23, I John 3:4)

Yet Thankfully "the letter of the law", and all that which was "decaying and waxing old", DID "vanish away" with the destruction of the natural, earthly, temporal temple realm centered in old jerusalem! And it was then that The Messiah DID "Come Again" and "QUICKLY" just as He prophesied!
(Hebrews 8:13, Revelations 3:11, 22:7,12,20)  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-come-quickly.html

And The NEW Covenant WAS and IS Forever.......

And the "Born Again" of The Holy, Set Apart, SPIRIT gentile believers who follow The Messiah on "The Way, The TRUTH, and The Life" are not, and never were "under the letter of the law"! (John 3:3,7; 14:6, I Peter 1:23, Romans 6:14-15

Thankfully we evermore "grow in Grace and in the knowledge(knowing) of our Lord and Savior The Messiah (The Firstborn from the dead! {ie: The Father of Eternal Life})"! (II Peter 3:18, Isaiah 9:6, Colossians 1:18)

However, ALL that is not GOOD, ALL that is against "The Will and GOOD Pleasure of Our FATHER and GOD" IS SIN! (Philippians 2:13, Colossians 1:10, Luke 22:42)

And TRUTH IS! "That Which IS NOT of FAITH IS SIN"....... (Romans 14:23)

And whoever "knows to do Good, and does it not, for him it IS SIN"....... (James 4:17)

And "ALL that is not right (un-right-eousness that is of the "I,ego,id,self, pride" in all humankind) IS SIN"! (I John 5:17)

"A Narrow Way" indeed and TRUTH....... (Matthew 7:14)

Yet Thankfully, the brethren of The Messiah have REALized the need to "confess our sins (Gendered in thoughts, words and deeds)"! (I John 1:8-10, Psalms 32:5)

Yet I John 3:6 testifies, "Whoever abides in Him(The Messiah) does not sin, for whoever sins has not seen Him, nor known Him"! 

And I John 5:18 testifies,"We know that whoever is Born of GOD does not sin, but he that is Begotten of GOD keeps himself(from sin), so that wicked one touches him not"!

However, it needs be REALized that in I John "sin is a transgression of the law". And Thankfully a "Born Again" gentile IS a Spiritual Jew and Hebrew(one from beyond), and IS a brother of The Messiah! Yet a "Born Again" gentile was not, and is not "under the law"! (I John 3:4, John 3:3,7,I Peter 1:23,Romans 2:28-29; 7:6)  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2015/10/a-born-again-experience_15.html

Please read Romans 7:13 thru 8:39, for "There is now no condemnation to them who are in The Messiah, who walk not after the flesh, but after The SPIRIT"! (Romans 8:1)

And thankfully I John 1:9 IS applicable to ALL "Born Again" souls in this day and age....... (I John 1:8-10)

"If we confess our sins, HE IS Faithful(Our FATHER and GOD) and Just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all "unright"eousness"! (I John 1:9, John 20:17)

Forgive me my sins FATHER, be they in thought, and/or word, and/or deed.......

As i evermore REALize the need to sound and resound a Declaration of Dependence:

FATHER Help!       

So Thankfully, "The Peace that surpasses ALL understanding" IS! in spite of the dis-ease (no-peace) that is of this evil world and/or religion's way(except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27) in this day and age! (Philippians 4:7, John 14:27; 7:7, I John 2:15-17; 5:19, James 1:27; 4:4)

ALL Thanks and Praise Be Unto Our FATHER(TRUTH, SPIRIT, CREATOR, GOD, LORD, MASTER, LIGHT, LOVE, LIFE,,,,,,, ALL IN ALL that which IS Truly GOOD)(John 20:17; 14:28, Mark 10:18)

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