Creation's Genius (Pics)!

Simply, sufficiency is of The Creator and HIS Creation!
Air, water, land, vegetation, creatures. 
Sadly, the multitudes seek self-sufficiency)-;

"For what can be known about The Creator(Spirit, GOD) is made plain to men, for The Creator(Spirit, GOD) has shown it unto them. For HIS invisible attributes ever since the Creation of the universe are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that have been made, namely HIS Eternal Power and Divine Nature, so that men have no excuse."

More pics that bear witness of Creation's Genius follow and other pics can be seen @

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Solar Eclipse - May 20, 2012

Beautiful Stained Glass Wings!

Colorful wildflowers abound!

And colors abound in the garden within the heart of a flower! 

The Master Gardener, Naturally!

Quite a garden in the heart of this wildflower!

Nature takes root where ever it can!

Beautiful, what precision and detail! Click and then take it to 200%.

Perfect pose by a Gray Fox cub!

And as Mama takes a nap ;-)

The fox cub checked me out ;-)

A surrel experience and a surreal pic of a smilin' cub ;-)

What could be the same Gray Fox cub a year later. 

A rim view of a beautiful creek canyon below!

And a view from down in the creek canyon.

Where Beaver engineering is on display!

Doing what they oughta do!

And a moth can appear softer and more radiant than a butterfly!

And birds offer further testimony of Creation's Genius!
A hummingbird can most certainly outmaneuver a helicopter.

And bluebirds come in many shapes and sizes. 

Sky Blue Bluebird ;-)

Brilliant Blue Bluebird!

And a robin in need of a helping hand!

The regal appearance of a Great Blue Heron.

And a new day dawns as the sun rises every morning!

And sunsets are new every evening!

Colors abound throughout Creation ;-)

An Osprey's head and body seem to be at odds, yet quite Right!

This Wildflower Is A Garden!

And another view of The Creek Canyon below where the Wildflowers grow ;-)

Whatcha lookin' at?

More pics that bear witness of Creation's Genius can be seen @


Anonymous said...

The photos are Wonder-Filled! Blessed is Yah, and thank you for posting - - - - from another elder child

ElderChild said...

All Thanks, Praise and Glory Be Unto Our Father!

Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that is of this world.......