December 7, 2018

A Vision! The "american version of the gospel" revealed.......

TRUTH IS! The "american version of the gospel" is "good news" for those who "love this evil world and their own self("I", ego, id, pride) life in and of it"! Yet such "good news" is Thankfully rejected and regarded as "bad news" by those "Born Again" "aliens and pilgrims while on the earth"; those souls who have REALized that their "citizenship(Life) IS !NOW! in Heaven"! (John 12:25, Hebrews 11:13, I Peter 2:11 , Philippians 3:20)

And i received A Vision concerning the "american gospel" while i was abiding in The Copper Canyon area of Old Mexico from March of '92 until June of  '93.

Was there that i experienced evermore of the blessings a soul receives as they seek and desire to live "a simple and Spiritual Life". For i had REALized that such IS The Life that was revealed in both The Life Example and The Teachings of The Messiah!

And it needs be REALized that The Messiah received both His Life and His Teachings from "Our FATHER and GOD", and that He testified, "i can do nothing of my own self"! (John 5:19,30; 8:28-29; 7:16; 12:49-50; 14:10,23-24; 17:8,14)

Can His brethren(naturally male or 'fe'male)  do anything more of their own selves?

So, "you that are unable to do the least(Breathing{life} was a gift, and the breath{Spirit/air} that sustains this natural, temporal life needs be received), why do you take thought for the rest"? (Luke 12:26)

It was during that time in the Copper Canyon area when i first began to seriously question what i now declare to be but pagan catholic and christian "folklore"! And i received The Vision i will bear witness unto, so that the "eyes of my understanding might be opened" as i received evermore of The TRUTH concerning "the american version of the gospel"! Sadly, the american missionaries in Mexico were using their perverse version of "the gospel" to win souls for "the american 'christian' way", not "GOD's Way" as revealed in both The Life and Teachings of The Messiah! (John 14:6, II Thessalonians 2:10-13, Ephesians 1:18)

The "gospel" of the american missionaries was, and is "good news" indeed for the "natural man"! Those who "love this evil world and it's things", and/or their own self("I", ego, id, pride)life in and of this evil world and/or religion's way(Except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27!) in this day and age....... 
(I Corinthians 2:14, John 7:7; 12:25, I John 2:15-17; 5:19, James 1:27; 4:1-4)

i received The Vision concerning the american version of the pagan catholic and christian "gospel" while taking one of my daily hikes into a town called Creel from my one room 'shack' which was approx 2 km away; a hike i usually made twice a day. i had been living simply in that 'shack', for almost a year before i received The Vision.

Prior to that moment in time i had many experiences with the american missionaries who were seeking to "win souls" for the "american 'christian' way". So it was that i had begun to question not only their methods but their motives as well?

For it seemed taking pics and video's was their favorite pastime! And it seemed that all their converts desired evermore of those worldly things they were given, and that such things had now become the desire of their heart....... (I John 2:15-17)

And i am assured that The Vision i received put the seal of TRUTH on that which i had been experiencing, seeing, hearing, and believing, concerning "the american gospel"!

The first thing i saw in The Vision was a Tarahumara(The indigenous people in that portion of Mexico!) man walking the mountain trails carrying a large cloth bag slung over his shoulder. It was revealed that he was taking that which was in the bag into Creel(The center of commerce in the Copper Canyon area of Old Mexico!) to sell.

And it was clearly revealed that this journey was made quite some time ago, for when he arrived in Creel something caught his eye, something that he had never seen before!

A big red circular sign, with the words "Coca-Cola" emblazoned in large white letters, was hanging outside of the tienda(store) where he would spend most of the pesos he would receive after selling that which was in the bag(Which more than likely would have been nopales{edible cactus})!

And after he sold his goods he returned to the tienda to buy a few needful staples. 

Then, when he went inside he saw the shapely bottle that held this "Coca-Cola" stuff!

And he could not resist the temptation to taste what was in the bottle, so he purchased one.

Then they opened the bottle for him, and he took a drink.


He had never experienced such a sensation or taste before!

Sadly such caused him to think, and his thoughts caused him to make a rather poor decision.......

"I've got to take one of these home to my family"!

And when his family experienced the same sensation and taste?

The temptations that emanate from our fleshly desires and senses had it's way with them!

And from that moment on, whenever he was going to town it was, "MAS(more) COCA PAPA, MAS COCA"!

And soon, and very soon the whole pueblo knew about this "Coca-Cola" thing.......

Then came the papita's(potato chips), cupcakes, and all else that "complimented" the sensation they received in their "Coca-Cola" experience! And so 'papa' had to find more work, pick more edible wild cactus, and was no longer able to spend as much time with his family.......

And then more american missionaries came preaching their version of the "gospel(Worldly good news)"!

They brought all sorts of "stuff", and then as technology began to have it's way with this world, they brought the radios, tv's, and all sorts of gadgets that his family desired....... And it became "QUIERO QUE(I want this!) PAPA, QUIERO QUE ESTA(! want that!) PAPA"! And papa was powerless, and so to provide such things for his family he moved them closer to the center of commerce where he could get work to pay for and acquire the 'things' ?his? family desired!

Such ?life? was far removed from the simple life in and of the tribal pueblo....

And now instead of spending time with his family, he spent more time working so they could acquire evermore 'things', more stuff!

And the "junk food", media, and technical revolutions continue until this day.

Thing is, a similar revolution occurred in the u.s. of a. quite some time ago!

The rich folk wanted those farm folk in the city, and as usual they had their way as they evermore sought to "increase their riches"! (Psalms 73:12)

So it is that today the covetous, capitalistic, churched catholic's & christian's carelessly continue consuming Creation, causing chaotic climate changes, clearly creating catastrophic conditions!

Sad, very sad indeed.......

The Messiah testified, "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy! I am come that they might have Life, and that they might have it more abundantly".......(John 10:10)

YET! "The Messiah also bore witness unto The TRUTH that speaks, "Take heed, and beware of covetousness, for A MAN'S LIFE DOES NOT CONSIST OF THE ABUNDANCE OF THINGS WHICH HE POSSESSES""! (Luke 12:15, II Thessalonians 2:10-13)

Sadly, "the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life("I", ego, id, self, pride)" have had their way with the multitudes of worldly and/or religious souls(Except those souls that have an Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27)! (Genesis 3:6, I John 5:15-17)

Yet TRUTH IS! The Abundant Life IS of, in, by, and thru The Holy, Set Apart, SPIRIT! (Luke 12:15)

And both The Messiah's Life Example and His Teachings bore witness unto "a simple and Spiritual Life"! And as stated previously, "it is well to remember that He received both His Life and His Teachings from The ONE and Only True ELOHIM(SPIRIT) and FATHER(CREATOR) of ALL"! (John 5:19,30; 8:28-29; 7:16; 12:49-50; 14:10,23-24; 17:8,14)

HE WHO IS "Our FATHER(CREATOR) and ELOHIM(SPIRIT)" indeed and TRUTH! (John 20:17; 14:28, Mark 10:18)

And in spite of the consumptive, destructive processes that are of this evil world and/or religion's way(Except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27!) in this day and age, what i like to refer to as "Creation's Genius" yet speaks! (John 7:7, I John 5:19; 2:15-17, James 1:27; 4:4)

Are you listening?

Those souls with "ears that hear" have REALized how "poor and in need" of Our FATHER and GOD we Truly are, for liken unto The Messiah we have also REALized "i can do nothing of my own self"! (Psalms 70:5; 72:12-14, John 5:19,30; 8:28-29; 7:16; 12:49-50; 14:10,23-24; 17:8,14)

So it is we "cry unto Our FATHER and GOD day and night".......  (Luke 18:7, John 20:17)

Evermore sounding and resounding a Declaration of Dependence:


HE DID!       and HE does.......


So Thankfully, "The Peace that surpasses ALL understanding" IS! in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that is of this evil world and/or religion's way(Except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27!) in these last days!
(Philippians 4:7, John 14:27; 7:7, I John 5:19; 2:15-17, James 1:27; 4:4)

For Thankfully TRUTH IS!       a lie is not.......

ALL Thanks and Praise Be Unto Our FATHER(TRUTH, SPIRIT, CREATOR, GOD, LORD, MASTER, LIGHT, LOVE, LIFE,,,, ALL IN ALL that which IS Truly GOOD)! (John 20:17; 14:28, Mark 10:18)

Further personal testimony is shared @

HalleluYAH!       !.......FOREVER.......!

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