July 26, 2019

Because of religion's way, "The Way of TRUTH is evil spoken of"! (II Peter 2:1-3)

Yet The TRUTH IS ALIVE and needs be desired(YES! more than this natural life itself!) and received, not just spoken of and written about, and/or admired from a distant place! (II Thessalonians 2:10-13)

And TRUTH IS! "The WHOLE world(Not just a portion!) IS under the control of the evil one", and "whoever would be a friend of this world IS the enemy of GOD"! So IT IS that religion's way in this day and age is leading the multitudes along that "broadway to destruction" and perdition! (Matthew 7:13, I John 5:19, James 4:4)  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-whole-world-not-just-portion-is.html

And "Whoever would be a friend of this world IS the enemy of Our FATHER and ELOHIM"! (James 4:4)

So take heed unto The CALL of Our FATHER and ELOHIM(GOD) to;

"Come Out of her(babel/'con'fusion/babylon\world\religion), MY people"! (Revelations 18:4)

Come out of that which IS of 'd'evil's world and/or religion's way in these last days!

Be of those souls who are "in, yet not of this 'd'evil world"! (John 15:19; 17:14-16)

Once Again: For "The WHOLE world(Not just a portion!) IS under that control of 'd'evil once", and "Whoever would be a friend of 'd'evil world IS the enemy of Our FATHER and ELOHIM"!  (I John 5:19, James 4:4, Matthew 7:13)  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-whole-world-not-just-portion-is.html

So seek and desire to have your portion with The Faithful in "The Family of Our FATHER and ELOHIM", of "WHOM the WHOLE Family in Heaven and ON EARTH IS named"! (Ephesians 3:15, Galatians 6:10, John 20:17)  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2011/07/family-of-faith-or-system-of-religion.html

Those "Born Again" souls who have REALized how "poor and needy" we Truly ARE! (John 3:3,7, I Peter 1:23)

So IT IS we continually sound and resound A Declaration of Dependence:


HE DID!       and HE does.......

HalleluYAH!       !.......FOREVER.......!

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