September 11, 2019

"The Strongest Thing in The World"!

There are those who believe that the Apocrypha was not inspired because The Messiah or The Apostles never quoted from such, yet such a belief is of "the father of lies"! (John 8:44)

For The Messiah testified, "even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings"! (Matthew 23:37, II Esdras 1:30b)

And there are other quotes from the Apocrypha in The New Covenant as well(Yet, as pagan catholicism played their games with the New Covenant manuscripts, so also they played 'D'evil's game with The Apocrypha as well)

Yet i believe a prime reason why those of this world, and/or religion's way, reject The Apocrypha is because of the following testimony that bears witness unto "The Strongest Thing in The World":

(I Esdra 3:1-4:41) "Now King Darius gave a great banquet for all that were under him and all that were born in his house and all the nobles of Media and Persia and all the satraps and generals and governors that were under him in the hundred and twenty-seven satrapies from India to Ethiopia. They ate and drank, and when they were satisfied they departed; and Darius the king went to his bedroom, and went to sleep.

Then the three young men of the bodyguard, who kept guard over the person of the king, said to one another, "Let each of us state what one thing is strongest; and to him whose statement seems wisest, Darius the king will give rich gifts and great honors of victory. He shall be clothed in purple, and drink from gold cups, and sleep on a gold bed, and have a chariot with gold bridles, and a turban of fine linen, and a necklace about his neck; and because of his wisdom he shall sit next to Darius and shall be called kinsman of Darius."

Then each wrote his own statement, and they sealed them and put them under the pillow of Darius the king, and said, "When the king wakes, we will give him the writing; and to the one whose statement the king and the three nobles of Persia judge to be wisest the victory shall be given according to what is written."

The first wrote, "Wine is strongest."

The second wrote, "The king is strongest."

The third wrote, "Women are strongest, but TRUTH is Victor over all things."

When the king awoke, they took the writing and gave it to him, and he read it. Then he sent and summoned all the nobles of Persia and Media and the satraps and generals and governors and prefects, and he took his seat in the council chamber, and the writing was read in their presence. And he said, "Call the young men, and they shall explain their statements." So they were summoned, and came in.

And they said to them, "Explain to us what you have written."

Then the first, who had spoken of the strength of wine, began and said:

"Gentlemen, how is wine the strongest? It leads astray the minds of all who drink it. It makes equal the mind of the king and the orphan, of the slave and the free, of the poor and the rich. It turns every thought to feasting and mirth, and forgets all sorrow and debt. It makes all hearts feel rich, forgets kings and satraps, and makes every one talk in millions. When men drink they forget to be friendly with friends and brothers, and before long they draw their swords. And when they recover from the wine, they do not remember what they have done.

Gentlemen, is not wine the strongest, since it forces men to do these things?"

When he had said this, he stopped speaking.

Then the second, who had spoken of the strength of the king, began to speak:

"Gentlemen, are not men strongest who rule over land and sea and all that is in them? But the king is stronger; he is their lord and master, and whatever he says to them they obey. If he tells them to make war on one another, they do it; and if he sends them out against the enemy, they go, and conquer mountains, walls, and towers. They kill and are killed, and do not disobey the king's command; if they win the victory, they bring everything to the king -- whatever spoil they take and everything else.

Likewise those who do not serve in the army or make war but till the soil, whenever they sow, reap the harvest and bring some to the king; and they compel one another to pay taxes to the king.  And yet he is only one man! If he tells them to kill, they kill; if he tells them to release, they release; if he tells them to attack, they attack; if he tells them to lay waste, they lay waste; if he tells them to build, they build; if he tells them to cut down, they cut down; if he tells them to plant, they plant. All his people and his armies obey him. Moreover, he reclines, he eats and drinks and sleeps, but they keep watch around him and no one may go away to attend to his own affairs, nor do they disobey him.

Gentlemen, "why is not the king the strongest, since he is to be obeyed in this fashion?" And he stopped speaking. 

Then the third, that is Zerubbabel, who had spoken of women and Truth, began to speak:

Gentlemen, is not the king great, and are not men many, and is not wine strong? Who then is their master, or who is their lord? Is it not women?

Women gave birth to the king and to every people that rules over sea and land. From women they came; and women brought up the very men who plant the vineyards from which comes wine. Women make men's clothes; they bring men glory; men cannot exist without women. If men gather gold and silver or any other beautiful thing, and then see a woman lovely in appearance and beauty, they let all those things go, and gape at her, and with open mouths stare at her, and all prefer her to gold or silver or any other beautiful thing.

A man leaves his own father, who brought him up, and his own country, and cleaves to his wife. With his wife he ends his days, with no thought of his father or his mother or his country. Hence you must realize that women rule over you! "Do you not labor and toil, and bring everything and give it to women"?

A man takes his sword, and goes out to travel and rob and steal and to sail the sea and rivers; he faces lions, and he walks in darkness, and when he steals and robs and plunders, he brings it back to the woman he loves. A man loves his wife more than his father or his mother. Many men have lost their minds because of women, and have become slaves because of them. Many have perished, or stumbled, or sinned, because of women.

And now do you not believe me?

"Is not the king great in his power? Do not all lands fear to touch him?

Yet I have seen him with Apame, the king's concubine, the daughter of the illustrious Bartacus; she would sit at the king's right hand and take the crown from the king's head and put it on her own, and slap the king with her left hand. At this the king would gaze at her with mouth agape. If she smiles at him, he laughs; if she loses her temper with him, he flatters her, that she may be reconciled to him. Gentlemen, "why are not women strong, since they do such things?"

Then the king and the nobles looked at one another; and he began to speak about TRUTH:

"Gentlemen, are not women strong?

The earth is vast, and heaven is high, and the sun is swift in its course, for it makes the circuit of the heavens and returns to its place in one day. Is HE not great WHO does these things? But TRUTH is great, and stronger than all things. The whole earth calls upon TRUTH, and heaven blesses her. All of ELOHIM's works quake and tremble, and with HIM there is nothing unrighteous. Wine is unrighteous, the king is unrighteous, women are unrighteous, all the sons of men are unrighteous, all their works are unrighteous, and all such things. There is no Truth in them and in their unrighteousness they will perish. But TRUTH endures and is strong for ever, and lives and prevails for ever and ever.

With her there is no partiality or preference, but she does what is righteous instead of anything that is unrighteous or wicked. All men approve her deeds, and there is nothing unrighteous in her judgment. To her belongs the strength and the kingship and the power and the majesty of all the ages. Blessed be The ELOHIM of TRUTH!"

He ceased speaking; then all the people shouted, and said, "Great is TRUTH, and strongest of all"! 
(I Esdra 3:1 - 4:41)
And TRUTH IS a soul needs "receive a love of The TRUTH to be saved" from their own self("I", ego, id, pride)life! (II Thessalonians 2:10-13)

Thankfully The TRUTH was revealed in both The Life Example and Teachings of The Messiah!

And it needs be REALized that The Messiah received both His Life and His Teachings from OUR FATHER and ELOHIM, HE WHO IS The Only True ELOHIM(SPIRIT) and FATHER(CREATOR) of ALL(Messiah inclusive)! For The Messiah testified that "the words He spoke were not His words, but were The Words of Our FATHER WHO sent Him", and The Messiah also testified, "I can do nothing of my own self"! (John 20:17; 17:3; 5:19,30; 8:28-29; 7:16; 12:49-50 14:10,23-24 17:8,14)

Can the brethren(naturally male or 'fe'male) of The Messiah do anything more(The Breath(Spirit, air) that sustains our natural life reveals how "poor and needy" we Truly are!)"? (Psalms 70:5; 72:13)

Sadly, there are very few Faithful children of Our FATHER and ELOHIM in this day and age! Those souls who seek to abide in, and love The TRUTH more than their natural, temporal life itself! So it is, the prophecy of Isaiah 3:12 IS BEING FULFILLED TO THE UTMOST! 

For TRUTH IS "Women rule over, and their children oppress men"! And today 
there are nations of this evil world that have created laws that evermore allow such dis-order to be! (Isaiah 3:12, John 7:7, I Corinthians 11:3)

Yet all nations, and/or "religions(Except it be the Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27!)", are of this evil world(babylon) and but serve it's god, he who is 'd'evil "father of lies"! (John 7:7, I John 2:15-17; 5:19, James 4:4, II Corinthians 4:3, John 8:44)

TRUTH IS! "The WHOLE world(Not just a portion!) is under the control of the evil one"....... (I John 5:19; 2:15-17, John 7:7)

So it is, "Whoever would be a friend of this world is the enemy of Our FATHER"! (James 4:4)

And TRUTH IS! There IS Only One "Pure Religion and Undefiled! (James 1:27)

Not a system but The Active Faith of those souls who, in TRUTH, have been "Born Again" of The Holy, Set Apart, SPIRIT! Those "son's(naturally male of 'fe'male) of Our FATHER and ELOHIM" who have their portion !NOW! in HIS Family, of "WHOM the whole Family in Heaven and ON EARTH is named"....... (II Thessalonians 2:10-13, John 3:3,7, I Peter 1:23, I John 3:1-2, Philippians 2:15, Ephesians 3:15)

"A Household of Faith" indeed and TRUTH! (Galatians 6:10, Ephesians 2:19)

Simply, ALL other religion IS "IMPURE and DEFILED"!

And Yes! atheism is a religion as well, for atheists see their version of a "god" each and every time they view their reflected "image"!

Yet because of pagan catholicism and her harlot christian daughters "The Way of TRUTH is evil spoken of"! (II Peter 2:1-3)

"Come Out of her(babel/'con'fusion/babylon\world\religion), MY people!" (Revelations 18:4)

Seek and desire to have your portion !NOW! with The Messiah in The Family of "Our FATHER"! (Ephesians 3:15, John 20:17)

And NEW "Jerusalem which IS above IS free, and IS !NOW! The Mother of us all(Spiritually "Born Again" son's{naturally male or 'fe'male} of Our FATHER and ELOHIM"! (Galatians 4:26, John 3:3,7, I Peter 1:23)

Thankfully "The Mother" of the "Born Again" brethren(naturally male or 'fe'male) of The Messiah is no longer "mother earth", earthly and of the flesh....... For "NEW Jerusalem" which IS Heavenly IS SPIRIT and of The TRUTH!

And Thankfully TRUTH IS!       a lie is not.......

So it is, the "Born Again" children of Our FATHER REALize the need to abide in The TRUTH, as we seek and desire above all else(Yes! More than our own natural life as well!) to follow The Messiah on that "Narrow Way" which IS "The Way, The TRUTH, and The Life"! (John 3:3,7, I Peter 1:23, Matthew 7:14, John 14:6, II Thessalonians 2:10-13)

And liken unto The Messiah, so also have His brethren(naturally male or 'fe'male) REALized, "i can do nothing of my own self"! As we evermore experience how "poor and in need" of "Our FATHER" we Truly are! (John 5:19,30; 8:28-29; 7:16; 9:4; 12:49-50; 14:10,23-24; 17:8,14, Psalms 70:5; 72:12-13, John 20:17)

So it is we "cry unto HIM day and night"....... (Luke 18:7, John 20:17)

Continually sounding and resounding a Declaration of Dependence:

FATHER Help!  

HE DID!       and HE does.......


So Thankfully, "The Peace that surpasses ALL understanding" IS! in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that is of this evil world and/or religion's way(Except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27!) in these last days!
(Philippians 4:7, John 14:27, 7:7, I John 2:15-17; 5:19, James 1:27; 4:4)

ALL Thanks and Praise Be Unto Our FATHER(ELOHIM, TRUTH, SPIRIT, CREATOR, LORD, MASTER, LIGHT, LOVE, LIFE,,,, ALL IN ALL that which IS Truly GOOD)! (John 20:17; 14:28, Mark 10:18)

HalleluYAH!       !.......FOREVER.......!

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