October 9, 2018

The Two Creation Accounts of Genesis Chapters 1 & 2.......

Hope IS you will not presuppose as you read the following testimony, for religion's way(except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27) has so perverted "The Word of TRUTH(which religious souls call their "bible")", "The Way of TRUTH IS evil spoken of" in this day and age! (James 1:18, II Peter 2:2-3) 

And Hope IS! There would be those souls who would REALize that "The Light" of Genesis 1:3 was "The Beginning of The Creation of Our FATHER and GOD", HE WHO IS LIGHT! And it needs be REALized that Created "Light" was and IS SPIRIT, "The True Light which enlightens every man born into the world"! For natural "light", the sun, moon and stars were not created until the 4th Day of Creation.......(Revelations 3:14, I John 1:5, John 1:9; 17:5, Genesis 1:14-19)

Such needs be REALized, for if a soul does not comprehend "The Beginning", how then can a soul understand that which follows?  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2015/02/the-messiah-beginning-of-creation-of.html

TRUTH IS! "The Light" of Genesis 1:3 was destined to become The Messiah, and was "The Glory The Messiah had with Our FATHER and GOD before the world began"....... (John 1:9, 17:5)

Yet in spite of the lies told by so many worldly and/or religious souls for so long, concerning the Creation accounts in Genesis chapters 1 and 2.......

In spite of their "institutes of 'low-life' learning(especially their seminaries{rightly called spiritual cemeteries})", and their heretical theo'ry'logical doctrines; "The LIGHT of TRUTH" yet reveals and overcomes that blackness of darkness that IS of this evil world and/or religion's way(except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27) in this day and age! (John 9:5; 8:12; 11:9; 12:36, Philippians 2:15, Luke 16:8, Ephesians 5:8, I Thessalonians 5:5, John 7:7, I John 2:15-17; 5:19, James 1:27; 4:4)  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2008/10/pure-and-undefiled-religion.html

For Thankfully, "Our FATHER and GOD", HE WHO IS LIGHT, IS ALIVE! And "LIGHT(WAY/TRUTH)" evermore reveals the lies which emanate from mankind's "imag"ination(which is a playground for "the father of lies", he who is the "god of this world")! (John 20:17, Romans 1:21, II Corinthians 10:5, John 8:44, II Corinthians 4:4)

And Thankfully Our FATHER, HE still communes with HIS children, "the children of LIGHT"; and HE IS yet able to reveal ALL that is needful unto those souls who have REALized how "poor and in need" of HIM we Truly are....... (John 20:17, I Thessalonians 5:5, Psalms 70:5; 72:13)

For liken unto The Messiah, His brethren(naturally male or 'fe'male) have also REALized, "i can do nothing of my own self", and so it is we evermore seek and desire that which The Messiah sought and desired above ALL else! (John 5:19,30; 8:28-29; 7:16; 12:49-50; 14:10,23-24; 17:8,14)

"FATHER, not my will, But THY Will Be Done"....... (Luke 22:42)

YES! The Will and Good Pleasure of Our FATHER and GOD needs be sought and desired more than this natural, temporal life itself.......

So it is we "cry unto HIM day and night"! (Luke 18:7, John 20:17)

Evermore sounding and resounding a Declaration of Dependence:


HE DID!       and HE does.......

For "Our FATHER", HE revealed that Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 bear witness unto Two Unique Creations! (John 20:17)  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2015/09/our-father-and-god-john-2017.html

Yes! For Thankfully that which IS of The TRUTH IS Alive! In spite of the dis-order, 'con'fusion and lies that are of this evil world and/or religion's way(except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27) in this day and age....... (John 7:7; 8:44, I John 2:15-17; 5:19, James 1:27: 4:4)  

And TRUTH IS! Two Unique Creation accounts are quite evident when a soul REALizes that The Testimony concerning The 1st Creation account begins in Genesis 1:2 and ends in Genesis 2:3! And The Testimony concerning The 2nd Creation account begins in Genesis 2:4 and ends in Genesis 2:25!

Ending the 1st Creation account in the second chapter of Genesis was most certainly the work of the author of "dis-order and every evil work", he who is "the father of lies" and "the god of this world"! And he used, and yet uses pagan catholicism and the aptly named "church OF england" to work his work('con'-fusion and dis-order)! (James 3:16, John 8:44, II Corinthians 4:4)

And once again: It needs be REALized that "TRUTH IS! "The Light" of Genesis 1:3 was destined to become The Messiah, and was "The Glory The Messiah had with Our FATHER and GOD before the world began"....... (John 1:9, 17:5)  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2010/08/let-there-be-light-john-11-5.html

In the testimony that follows, that which refers to The 1st Creation account will be in red, and that which refers to The 2nd Creation account will be in blue italics!

The 1st Creation account states, "GOD said, Let US(GOD and HIS Word, The Created Light of Genesis 1:3) make man in Our image, after Our Likeness"....... So GOD created man in HIS Own Image(Spirit), in the Image of GOD(Spirit) He created him(man), male and female created HE them." (Genesis 1:3: 26:27)

The 2nd Creation account states that YHVH GOD “formed man from the dust of the earth.” (Genesis 2:7)

The 1st Creation account does not give the details of what GOD used to create man, yet stated that  man was created in "HIS(GOD's) Own Image(Spirit)!" (Genesis 1:27)

And The Messiah testified "GOD IS A SPIRIT"! (John 4:24) 

"Man" of the 1st Creation account was created not of the earth(dust), but of The Spirit, "in the image of GOD! Male and female Created HE(GOD) them"! (Genesis 1:27)

The 2nd Creation account states that YHVH GOD first made Adam "from the dust of the ground", and then made woman from a rib taken from Adam! Prior to the woman being made, the animals had been created and it was established that an animal would not be a suitable partner for Adam.  (Genesis 2:7, Genesis 2:21-22, Genesis 2:19-20)

And in the 2nd Creation account animals were created after Adam was created. (Genesis 2:18-19)

Yet in the 1st Creation account animals had already been created prior to the Creation of man! (Genesis 1:24-27)

And in the 1st Creation account, Genesis 1:28 states concerning "man", "GOD blessed them, and GOD said unto them, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth."

This was not YHVH GOD's intention in the 2nd Creation account, for YHVH GOD Created Adam and then placed him in the garden "to dress and keep it"! (Genesis 2:15)
And when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden the unction given Adam was "to till the ground from whence he was taken"! (Genesis 3:23)

Quite evident from The Creation accounts that there was a 1st Creation, which was of GOD(ELOHIM)!

And a 2nd Creation account which was of YHVH("The Existing One" after the rebellion of Lucifer and those angels who followed him were overcome!) GOD!

Once again; In the 1st Creation, GOD(ELOHIM) created man "in HIS Image, in the Image of GOD(ELOHIM), HE Created them!" (Genesis 1:27)

Yet in the 2nd Creation account, only after Adam had partaken of the forbidden fruit and received "the knowledge of good and evil", did YHVH(The Existing One) GOD say that man has now "become like one of US, knowing good and evil." (Genesis 3:22)  

"Like one of US"?

Simply, liken unto those of The 1st Creation created in "the Image of GOD(ELOHIM)", those Spiritual beings that did not join in the rebellion against ELOHIM which was led by Lucifer who wanted to be "like god"! (Isaiah 14:12-15)
Could be there would be those who would experience "the eyes of their understanding" being opened as they receive of "The Light" that IS The TRUTH concerning the "son's of GOD" bore witness of in Genesis and Job. (Ephesians 1:18, Genesis 6:2,4, Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7)

Once Again: In The 1st Creation account "GOD(ELOHIM) created man in HIS own Image"! In the Image of GOD(ELOHIM) created HE him(man); male and 'fe'male created HE them"! (Genesis 1:27)

Thankfully, "Through faith we understand that the worlds(plural) were framed by The Word of GOD, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear"! (Hebrews 11:3)

And Thankfully in "The Light" that IS TRUTH, the darkness that is of this evil world and/or religion's way(except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27) is clearly manifest....... (John 7:7)

For TRUTH IS! "The WHOLE(not just a portion) world is under the control of the evil one"! (I John 5:19)

And there IS Only One "Pure Religion and Undefiled"! (James 1:27)

Not a system but the Active Faith of those souls who have been "Born Again" of The Holy, Set Apart, SPIRIT! Those "son's(naturally male or 'fe'male) of Our FATHER and GOD" who have their portion !NOW! in HIS Family, of "WHOM the whole Family in Heaven and ON EARTH is named"! (John 3:3,7, I Peter 1:23, I John 3:1-2, Philippians 2:15, Ephesians 3:15)  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2015/10/a-born-again-experience_15.html

Simply, ALL other religion IS "IMPURE and DEFILED"!

"Come Out of her(babel/'con'fusion/babylon\world\religion), MY people!" (Revelation 18:4)

HOPE IS! There would be those who take heed unto The Call of The ONE and ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD(SPIRIT) and FATHER(CREATOR) of ALL, and "Come Out!"

For those who have experienced The Miracle that is receiving "a love of The TRUTH so that they might be saved" from their own self("I",ego,id,pride)life and then were "Born Again"; they will have naught to do with the Lies that are of this evil world and/or religion's way in this day and age! (II Thessalonians 2:10-12, I John 2:15-17; 5:19, John 7:7, James 1:27; 4:4)

For we have REALized that we have our portion !NOW! with The Messiah in The Family of "Our FATHER and GOD", "of WHOM the whole Family in Heaven and ON EARTH is named"! (Ephesians 3:15; 2:19, Galatians 6:10)  http://asimpleandspirituallife.blogspot.com/2011/07/family-of-faith-or-system-of-religion.html

And NEW "Jerusalem which IS above, IS free, and IS !NOW! The Mother of us all(Spiritually "Born Again" son's{naturally male or 'fe'male} of  Our FATHER and GOD)"! (Galatians 4:26)  

Thankfully, "The Mother" of the "Born Again" brethren(naturally male or 'fe'male) of The Messiah IS no longer "mother earth", earthly and of the flesh! For NEW Jerusalem which IS Heavenly, IS SPIRIT and of The TRUTH"!

And TRUTH IS! The Testimonies bear witness unto Two Unique Creations!

And Once Again: Only those souls who have experienced The Miracle that is "receiving a love of The TRUTH can be saved"! Thankfully saved from their own self ("I",ego,id,pride)life, for they will abide in The TRUTH as they receive evermore of "The Light" that IS The Messiah, "The Beginning of The Creation of Our FATHER and GOD"! (II Thessalonians 2:10-13, John 1:1-12, Revelations 3:14)

And also Once Again for The TRUTH always bears repeating: Those who have "received a love of The TRUTH" will also REALize, that liken unto The Messiah, "i can do nothing of my own self"! And so it is we "cry unto Our FATHER and GOD day and night"....... (John 5:19,30; 8:28-29; 7:16; 12:49-50; 14:10,23-24; 17:8,14, Luke 18:7, Psalms 70:5; 72:13, Luke 18:7)

Evermore sounding and resounding a Declaration of Dependence:


HE DID!      and HE does.......

So Thankfully, "The Peace that surpasses ALL understanding" IS! in spite of the dis-ease
(no-peace) that is of this evil world and/or religion's way(except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27) in this day and age!
(Philippians 4:7, John 14:27; 7:7, I John 2:15-17; 5:19, James 1:27; 4:4)

ALL Thanks and Praise Be Unto Our FATHER(TRUTH, SPIRIT, CREATOR, GOD, LORD, MASTER, LIGHT, LOVE, LIFE,,,, ALL IN ALL that which IS Truly GOOD)! (John 20:17; 14:28, Mark 10:18)



Anonymous said...

Here is a verse that was opened to me after reading your words.

“And you, little child, will be called the prophet of the most high, for you will go before the Lord to prepare the way for his coming. It will be for you to give his people knowledge of their salvation through the forgiveness of their sins. Because the heart of our God is full of mercy towards us, the first light of Heaven shall come to visit us—to shine on those who lie in darkness and under the shadow of death, and to guide our feet into the path of peace.”
Luke 1:76

Speaking of the Son,”...the first Light of Heaven”

elderchild said...

Your comment caused these aging eyes to water a bit, and will also cause me to read more from The Philips New Testament.


elderchild said...

Sadly, it seems as though Phillips didn't REALize that which he bore witness unto.......

Seems he was a trinitarian or 'jesus only" advocate.

Could be i err in my discernment, yet?

Anonymous said...

I don’t know much about Phillips or his doctrines. My hope is when I read something, it is the Spirit teaching me, not men. This morning I read John 9:5, As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. it made me want to read this blog again. Seems like you study much, looking to understand the mysteries of God. Is the Spirit now the light in this world since Messiah was resurrected?

elderchild said...

YES! IT IS The SPIRIT revealing and teaching that needs be, and not endless study! However, a soul needs nourishment and so we feed on "The Word of TRUTH", which those of this world call their "bible".

The god of this evil world is the devil, and so it is those of this evil world and/or religion's way in this day and age, abide in darkness! (II Corinthians 4:4, John 9:5)

For TRUTH IS! "The Whole world(not just a portion) IS under the control of the evil one"! (I John 5:19: 2:15-17, James 4:4)

However, "The Light of TRUTH" yet shines within the "Born Again" souls of the brethren(naturally male or 'fe'male) of The Messiah!


Seems it would be good if we communed via e-mail.
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