March 10, 2019

"Let The Mind (SPIRIT) that was in The Messiah be in you"! (Philippians 2:5)

Someone had commented: "You're not in your right mind!"

And i responded:

All Thanks and Praise Be Unto Our FATHER and GOD!

Thankfully no longer "my mind("I", id, ego, self, pride)", but hopefully The Mind(SPIRIT) that was IN The Messiah will evermore be in me! (I Corinthians 2:16, Philippians 2:5, I Peter 4:1, II Corinthians 5:19, Ephesians 4:23, Galatians 2:20)


HE DID!       and HE does.......



Yet it saddens me to 'see' how braindirtyed and ignorant of The TRUTH the multitudes of worldly and/or religious(Except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27!) souls are. For they remain bound in the chains of "strong delusion" as they but serve time in the prison that is this evil world and/or religion's way in this day and age! (II Thessalonians 2:10-13, John 7:7, I John 2:15-18; 5:19, James 1:27:4:4)

Thankfully, it was revealed unto me that my mind("I") was my greatest enemy, and so it was i needed to die to "I(id, ego, self, pride)"! For only then can a soul begin to receive of The Mind(SPIRIT) that was in The Messiah....... (I Corinthians 2:16, Philippians 2:5)

Yet until a soul "see's" "The Light" that IS The Messiah, they can not receive of The SPIRIT(Of Our FATHER and GOD!) that was in The Messiah! So how can they "walk as He walked"? (Genesis 1:3-5, John 1:1-9, Revelations 3:14, Colossians 1:15, I John 2:6)

Sadly the multitudes yet abide in "the foolishness that is the wisdom of this world" and/or religion's way(Except The Active Faith of James 1:27!) in this day and age....... For "the WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one", and there IS Only One "Pure Religion and Undefiled"! (I Corinthians 1:18-21, I John 5:19, John 7:7, James 1:27)

And TRUTH IS! "Pure Religion and Undefiled before Our FATHER and GOD is this! To visit The FATHERless(Those who have no relationship with The GOD and FATHER{Creator} of ALL!)and widows(Those souls whose "bridegroom{The Messiah}" has not risen from among the dead!) in their affliction and to keep oneself uncontaminated by the world!" (James 1:27)

Not a system but The Active Faith of those who, in TRUTH, have been "Born Again" of The Holy, Set Apart, SPIRIT! Those "son's(Naturally male or 'fe'male!) of Our FATHER and GOD" who have their portion !NOW! in HIS Family, of "WHOM the whole Family in Heaven and ON EARTH is named"....... (II Thessalonians 2:10-12, John 3:3,7, I Peter 1:23, I John 3:1-2, Philippians 2:15, Ephesians 3:15)

"A Household of Faith" indeed and TRUTH! (Galatians 6:10, Ephesians 2:19)

Simply, ALL other religion IS "IMPURE and DEFILED"!

"Come out from among them and be separate!" (II Corinthians 6:17)

Choose to abide in REALity, for only that which IS REAL IS! And IS of The TRUTH!

And Thankfully that which is unreal will soon pass away, yet that which IS REAL IS;


And REALity(aka: TRUTH) IS! Our FATHER and GOD spoke The Word, "Let There Be Light"!

"And there was Light"! (Genesis 1:3)

Thankfully Our FATHER and GOD, HE WHO IS LIGHT, Begat Light! (I John 1:5)

The Messiah, "The Light of the world"! (John 8:12)

The Messiah, "The Word of GOD"! (Revelations 19:13)

The Messiah, "The Beginning of The Creation of Our FATHER and GOD"! (Revelations 3:14)

The Messiah, "The Firstborn of ALL Creation"! (Colossians 1:15)

"The Light"!  "The Glory The Messiah had with Our FATHER and GOD before the world began"! (John 17:5)

And nothing can hide from "The Light", so "The Light" reveals the "I(ego, id, self, pride)",
Allowing a soul to "see" clearly, and clearly the "I" must die.

But to live, yet die, seems an impossible task,
And so we need of "Our FATHER", the impossible to ask.

Help me to "deny myself(Die to "I,ego,id,self,pride"!)" FATHER!

And as HE Helps, HE reveals evermore of "The Selfless One".

The One Who testified, "i can do nothing of my own self"! (John 5:19,30; 7:16; 8:28-29; 12:49-50; 14:10, 23-24)

The One Who leads His brethren(Naturally male or 'fe'male!) on "The Narrow Way" that is "The Way, The TRUTH, and The Life"!(Matthew 7:13, John 14:6)

The One Who WAS and IS The Messiah, "The Light of the world"....... The Only Begotten Son of The One and Only True Living GOD(SPIRIT, LIGHT) and FATHER(CREATOR) of ALL(Messiah inclusive!)! (John 8:12; 3:16)

And as The Messiah, so also will His brethren(Naturally male or 'fe'male!) seek and desire above all else!

"FATHER, not my will, But THY Will Be Done"....... (Luke 22:42)

Yes! The Will of "Our FATHER" needs be sought and desired more than this natural life itself.......  

For as The Messiah, so also have His brethren(Naturally male or 'fe'male!) REALized "i can do nothing of my own self"! (John 5:19,30; 8:28-29; 7:16; 12:49-50; 14:10,23-24; 17:8,14)

And so it is we "cry unto Our FATHER and GOD day and night"....... (Luke 18:7, John 20:17)

Evermore sounding and resounding a Declaration of Dependence:


HE DID!       and HE does.......


So Thankfully, "The Peace that surpasses ALL understanding" IS! in spite of the dis-ease(No-peace!) that is of this evil world and/or religion's way(Except it be The Active Faith as revealed in James 1:27!) in these last days! (Philippians 4:7, John 14:27; 7:7, I John 2:15-17; 5:19, James 1:27; 4:4)

ALL Thanks and Praise Be Unto Our FATHER(TRUTH, SPIRIT, CREATOR, GOD, LORD, MASTER, LIGHT, LOVE, LIFE,,,, ALL IN ALL that which IS Truly GOOD)! (John 20:17; 14:28, Mark 10:18)


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